Casual, fine jewellery

Designed by Joanna Boyen & handmade in London, using precious metals often paired with everyday materials to create a sense of casual luxury, biiju pieces are meant to be worn all day, everyday by active people on the go

"Each piece of biiju jewellery is handmade in London's Hatton Garden, by master craftsmen reknowned for their quality of work, and with a genuine passion for what they do. They bring my designs to life with exquisite artistry & expertise" -

JOANNA BOYEN - Founder & Creative Director


Nature's everyday materials in a new light. The spotlight.

ROCK CRYSTAL is everywhere. Its chemical composition is silicon dioxide which is the most common component of sand (which is why sand sparkles so beautifully in the sun).

After feldspar, rock crystal is the most common mineral on earth. Yet there are more myths and legends surrounding it than any other on the planet. Widely considered a power stone & a master healer this ordinary, yet beautiful & fascinating mineral deserves celebration.

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GRANITE is found abundance on earth. It forms part of the continental crust and thus is present in all continents. It plays such a big part in our natural world we may take it for granted, at times overlooking its intrinsic beauty & many qualities. Second only to a diamond in hardness, historically it represents status, strength & durability. Rarely used in jewellery, it has the added appeal of the unexpected. The granite we use is recycled.

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Going places ...

A brand collaboration with the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train (READ MORE), an invitation to become an official brand partner of the Rolls Royce Enthusiast's Club (READ MORE), a showcase at London Fashion Week, the attention of the press, and a nomination as finalist in the upcoming UK Jewellery Awards (READ MORE) have followed since the launch of biiju in 2015.

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Bespoke commissions

Beautiful gemstones responsibly sourced, master craftsmen with years of experience in London's famous Hatton Garden jewellery studios, in-house CAD design experts & a huge dollop of passion ... all the ingredients you need for delivering your dream bespoke commission.

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Even the most experienced jeweller cannot tell how much precious metal there is in an article just by looking at it, nor whether goldplating is hiding a lower quality metal. Therefore, by law in the UK, all gold, silver, platinum or palladium items must be hallmarked. All biiju pieces are hallmarked by the London Goldsmith's Assay Office.

Interesting Fact: The Assay Office allows up to 5 letters in the maker's mark & since there are only 5 letters in biiju the whole name appears in the hallmark


" There's certainly a side of me that isn't completely sane" ANGELINA JOLIE

When it comes to giftwrapping we also have to plead guilty to a little insanity. Ok more than a little. On the bright side, this has resulted in a little black box lined with soft grey suede & crisp white tissue, tied with bespoke black ribbon & sealed with lime green accents. It's fair to say we put as much thought & effort into how your piece is presented as the piece itself. Anticipation is a pleasure all it's own after all ...

Camouflage 925 Ring Trio

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