Camo 925


Camouflage is something we often tend to associate with the military, but this collection, while referencing all aspects of camouflage, is predominantly about celebrating Nature.

From colour matching & disruptive colouration to mimicry and active camouflage, Nature has an impressive array of sophisticated sorcery up her sleeve, all designed to offer protection or advantage.

At the same time the collection is designed to focus on restoring & protecting our natural world. Trying to help, we donate 10% of the profits to environmental agencies.


Pair of biiju’s solid silver Camouflage Cufflinks alongside a beautiful snow leopard which was their inspiration

Inspiration for our Camo Cufflinks, the beautiful snow leopard is highly adapted to its home high in the mountains. The thick fur has a pattern that is unique to each individual snow leopard & is such an exquisite camouflage for their snowy, rocky habitat that they're often called the 'Ghost of the Mountains'.

Listed as vulnerable, their numbers are in steep decline.


Nathan wearing the MEN’s silver Camouflage Necklace with hand painted pattern & the same necklace shown hanging next to him
Camouflage Necklace - sterling silver hand-painted in shades of rhodium
Silver Camouflage necklace Tags with the camouflage patterns hand painted in silvery grey shades of rhodium

Handcrafted in sterling silver in London's Hatton Garden (sterling silver is hallmarked as 925, hence the reference in the name), the pieces in the collection feature skillfully hand painted patterns in shades of rhodium, & elements of black ceramic coating.


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