Silver Bullet Cufflinks

STERLING SILVER. Small, yet mighty, these aerodynamically-shaped cufflinks in glossy, highly polished, solid sterling silver have a lovely weight to them .... More details


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silver bullet

noun [ C ]

'A simple solution to a complicated problem' - Cambridge Dictionary


'Something that acts as a magical weapon' - Merriam Webster Dictionary

Certainly the solution to what to wear to your black tie event.

Diameter at widest point: 12mm

Handmade in London's Hatton Garden and hallmarked by the Goldsmith's Assay Office.

Other cufflinks in the collection include the LEOPARD ROSETTE CUFFLINKS

The cufflinks are part of the Camouflage Collections which celebrate Nature, as well as referencing the historic military aspects associated with camouflage.

A percentage of the profits from the pieces goes towards environmental protection. More about this coming soon in the NEWS section

"I wear the two, the mobile and the landline phones,
like guns, slung from the pockets on my hips. I'm all
alone. You ring, quickdraw, your voice a pellet
in my ear, and hear me groan.

You've wounded me.
Next time, you speak after the tone. I twirl the phone,
then squeeze the trigger of my tonge, wide of the mark.
You choose your spot, then blast me

through the heart.
And this is love, high noon, calamity, hard liqour
in the old Last Chance saloon. I show the mobile
to the sheriff; in my boot, another one's

concealed. You text them both at once. I reel.
Down on my knees, I fumble for the phone,
read the silver bullets of your kiss. Take this …
and this … and this … and this … and this …"

QuickDraw - Carol Ann Duffy