Golden Bullet Cufflinks

STERLING SILVER OVERLAID with 18CT GOLD. Glossy, highly polished cufflinks with an aerodynamic shape. It's London c 1965. MI6 receives a single gold bullet inscribed '007' ... More details


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MADE TO ORDER: Please allow 2.5 weeks for your cufflinks to be made

Diameter at widest point: 12mm. Length: 10mm. Fastening: bullet-shaped point.

Crafted in solid, goldplated silver, there's a lovely weight to them.

Golden Bullets will forever be linked to James Bond. In The Man With the Golden Gun, a golden bullet inscribed '007' is sent to M16 by Francisco Scaramanga, a mysterious assassin. Q's team trace the bullet back to master gunsmith, Lazar, in Macau.

In business a golden bullet denotes success.

Handmade in London's Hatton Garden and hallmarked by the Goldsmith's Assay Office.

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The cufflinks are part of the Camouflage Collections which celebrate Nature, as well as referencing the historic military aspects associated with camouflage.

A percentage of the profits from the pieces goes towards environmental protection. More about this coming soon in the NEWS section