FINALIST for Jewellery Designer of the Year in the UK Jewellery Awards 2020

Award-nominated rock crystal pendant with white gold & diamond details & a gold dune ring with diamonds highlighting the waves

The nomination was for 'Careless Rhythm' - a collection inspired by Joanna's native African sand dunes. The casual, organic waves drawn by the wind on its huge canvas of rolling peaks & valleys is dramatic & mesmerising and what the collection aims to capture.

Rock crystal is the stone featured in the collection - quartz is the predominant component of sand which is why it sparkles so beautifully in the sun. Considered a power stone & a master healer, there are more beliefs surrounding this beautiful stone than any other on the planet.

Model Amy Boyen wearing rock crystal drop earrings in 18ct gold, from the award-nominated Careless Rhythm collection
Careless Rhythm Rock crystal earrings
UK Jewellery Awards 2020 finalist biiju’s gold Dune ring with diamond-frosted peaks, shown on a hand doodling in sand

Each piece of the collection is handmade in London's Hatton Garden. The rock crystal is carefully selected & bespoke-cut to showcase the icy white inclusions which make every piece unique.

biiju award-nominated silver Careless Rhythm Dune earrings with frosted peaks, shown against a night time sand dune backdrop

Sand dunes play an important role in protecting inland areas from coastal water intrusion, absorbing the impact of high energy storms and acting as a barrier to the destructive forces of wind and waves.

The delicate beauty & balance of Nature needs to be protected and the fragile ecosystems of sand dunes are no different. We are trying to help by giving a percentage of the profits from the Careless Rhythm pieces to environmental protection.

Model Sophie Matthew wearing biiju's award-nominated rock crystal cocktail ring & dune earrings in 18ct gold & diamonds

Casual elegance