Meet the Designer


"Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures" - Henry Ward Beecher

This is so true. I hope that the love & expression poured into each piece of biiju shines through, and that it brings you pleasure and confidence.

Born & raised in Africa, I left at the age of 18 to follow my passion, which was dance, and I arrived in London to study ballet at London's Central School of Ballet. But life can be quirky and instead of the career in dance that I had envisioned, I found myself in the hotel industry living variously in Russia, as well as Les Grandes Comores, French Polynesia, Europe, Peru and ultimately landed up back in London.

When I launched biiju in 2015, it was a return to my original artistic roots, albeit in a different form - but with just as much passion, and as a different person, with cosmopolitan influences, two children and a broader outlook on life ... I like to think.

Each piece of biiju jewellery is handmade or finished here in London in Hatton Garden, by the team - master craftsmen reknowned for their quality of work, experts in their respective fields, and with a genuine love for what they do. They bring my designs to life with exquisite artistry & expertise & are a delight to work with.

Bespoke commissions is an aspect that we love, and you'll find us warm, approachable and fun to work with, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone for a chat!

Joanna xx