Meet the Designer


A quote from Henry Ward Beecher says; "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures"

I think this is so true and inevitably I draw from my own experiences - the sand dunes of Africa (where I grew up) inspired the Careless Rhythm collection for example.

biiju is a reflection of my love of nature & the beauty inherent in everyday materials. I interpret them in casual, fine jewellery with a contemporary outlook. In particular the fleeting, ethereal moments of nature which provoke wonder & hopefully motivate us to protect them are what I'm always striving to capture.

Each piece of biiju jewellery is handmade in London's Hatton Garden, by the team - superb craftsmen renowned for their quality of work, experts in their respective fields, and with a genuine love for what they do. They bring my designs to life with exquisite artistry & expertise & are a delight to work with.

Bespoke commissions is an aspect that we thoroughly enjoy, and you'll find us warm, approachable and fun to work with, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone for a chat.

Joanna x