Satin Ribbon Pink Sapphire Stud with Pink Tourmaline Ear Jacket

18ct rose gold. We love the contemporary romance inherent in this beautiful earring combination as well as its on-trend versatility. The pink tourmaline ear-jacket can be detached and the pink sapphire stud worn on its own for a more pared-down look ... More details


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The deep pink, sapphire stud can be worn alone for a 'day' look, or accessorized with the dangling pink tourmaline ear jacket which has tiny pink sapphires tracing the curve of its ribbon. The ear jacket can be adjusted to hang at 2 different lengths to accommodate different ear lobe sizes.

The earrings in the Satin Ribbon collection are designed to be worn as separates, so that they can be accessorized and interchanged with each other, and as such are sold as single pieces. However, they're equally beautiful as a pair, so if that's your preference please purchase two of this piece.

Available on request in 18ct white or yellow gold and other gemstones. CONTACT US for more information