Hinatuan Ring

18ct gold & yellow sapphires with an exceptional, irridescent, labradorite centre stone which evokes thoughts of the Hinatuan enchanted lagoon river. A stunning, statement cocktail ring. MADE TO ORDER .... More details


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Note: Please allow 3 weeks for your ring to be made.

The exquisite tones & irridiscent blue flash of this carefully sourced and bespoke-cut labradorite inspired the name. The famous Hinatuan enchanted lagoon river has a beautiful, mysterious blue hue at the opening to an underground cave. It's said that the colour was made by fairies stirring the water with their wands, toying with sapphire & jade to achieve the unique shade.

Stone length: 21mm. Width at the widest point: 17mm. Yellow sapphires claws contrast with the blue.

Labradorite is considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation & magic, and is also widely used as a meditation tool.