Alice Silk Web Pendant

18ct gold clasp with diamonds, gold-overlaid silver pendant. High up in the Andes, a skilled artisan twists gossamer fine strands of silver together to produce a skein just thick enough to hand weave into this silky web..... More details


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Here in London, we apply modern technology to hand laser the border onto the weave. An exquisite pendant & a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe.

Combining beauty with exceptional versatility, the diamond huggy (clasp) can be detached from the pendant & worn alone on the cord for a more discreet look, as well as accessorized with a different pendant, or clasped to another huggy.

Set with diamonds on all sides, the huggy sparkles from every angle. An adjustable black cotton cord completes the look of casual, refined elegance. Pendant: 18ct gold on sterling silver. diameter: 35mm. Huggy: 18ct yellow gold with 0.75 cts diamonds