Handmade in London

All our pieces are handmade in London's prestigious Hatton Garden studios.

Buying jewellery is a very personal experience, and if you're having something specially made to order for you, we like to involve you on that journey. Everybody's different in the amount of information they like to have, and we'll be guided by you. We'll be in touch the day after your order to discuss how and when you'd like to be updated, and send you photographs at key steps in the process, should you wish. You'll gain a fascinating insight into the world of fine jewellery and craftsmanship at the highest level, and be amazed at the care and attention to detail poured into your piece.

We're right there for you from the moment of conception to when it arrives beautifully packaged at your door.

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Living in some very different cultures gave me an appreciation of diverse tastes, but regardless of individual styles, to me, excellence always shines through the same factors - quality of workmanship and materials

Joanna Boyen
Founder, Director