Vintage Snowflake Earrings

18ct white gold, sterling silver & diamonds. Handwoven using gossamer fine silver thread & sprinkled with icy grey diamonds, these stunning, edgy, statement earrings are an exquisite mix of ancient Peruvian craftsmanship & modern design techniques .... More details


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High up in the Andes, a skilled artisan handweaves fine silver thread into silky, diaphanous pendants. Here in London's Hatton Garden they're scattered with grey diamonds in 18ct white gold which are individually handset onto the weaves and hoops. The diamonds are set upside down mimicking delicate little icicles, highlighting the twinkly points for an edgy touch. The grey diamonds give a slightly vintage feel, sparkling brilliantly with every movement & their colour offsets the silver of the weaves to perfection.

16 diamonds of 2.3mm each. 46 diamonds of 1.3mm each. Total carats:1.66

Weave diameter: 40mm. Drop length: 45mm Hallmarked by the London Goldsmith's Assay office